NYSED CTLE Course Information

Course Information

Credit: 36 CTLE Hours (through NYS ED)

Price: $169 (payable to NaMaYaPD)

Duration: Courses offered multiple times a year. Course-work needs to be completed within the time/guidelines provided. Current batch of courses will run between September 1st-December 31st, 2017, with rolling registration (register at any time and finish your course-work by December 31st to earn your CTLE hours).

Additional Information Regarding CTLE

-> NYSED CTLE Courses Listing/Catalog


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    Jeanmarie Chiusano

    Will I be able to take this course online

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    Anthony D'Andrea

    I have taken the course: No Child Held Back, and completed all of the modules, however I have yet to receive my certificate. I am trying to get onto the Namaya site where I took the course, however it the website is down. 

    Can you provide me some info because I do not want to lose out on the 36 hours I have earned. Thank you for your assistance with this and have a great day!


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    Maya Isakadze

    I would like to have my Certification for completeing and submitting all my assignments. I received an email from NaMaya saying that I have successfully completed my course and I will receive my certification of completion two weeks ago. However, I have not received anything.

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