NYSED CTLE Course Information

Course Information

Credit: 36 CTLE Hours (through NYS ED)

Price: $169 (payable to NaMaYaPD)

Duration: Courses offered multiple times a year. Course-work needs to be completed within the time/guidelines provided. Current batch of courses will run between March 1, 2018-June 30, 2018 (Spring 2018 Batch), with rolling registration (register at any time and finish your course-work by June 30th to earn your CTLE hours).

Quick Facts

  • There is no restriction/limit on the number of courses you can take
  • Courses must be completed within specified semester dates or they will not be eligible for credit and contingent on satisfactory completion of course-work to earn you a "PASS" grade.
  • All courses are worth 36 CTLE Hours and can be used to meet the 100 CTLE Hour requirements for Teachers/Paraprofessionals/TAs
  • These courses do not count towards NYC DOE P-Credits, but can be used to meet your NYS CTLE requirements.

Additional Information Regarding CTLE

-> NYSED CTLE Courses Listing/Catalog


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